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How It Works

  • We Improve Your Local SEO

    You list your business here. We improve your local online visibility and search engine ranking.

  • You Get Found Online

    Customers and Potential Customers Quickly and Easily Find You Online.

  • You Continously Attract New Customers

    Our local marketing magic program provides you a step-by-step process to that enables you to use your local online tools to continuously attract new customers.

Why This Program Works:

  • Almost all consumers (97%) use the Internet in some way to shop locally.
  • Local online visibility and search engine ranking directly affects your ability to gain and retain customers.
  • You are 2 or 3 times more likely to succeed if you have a written marketing plan that works.

Exclusive Gold Membership Benefits

1. Local Search Engine Optimization Services

  • Problem: Most people selling products and services locally don't do any effective local online marketing.

    Solution: We are local search engine marketing experts. Using our Local Marketing Magic Program tools and training will improve your local online visibility and search engine ranking.

If potential customers can't find you online, they won't buy what you're selling!


Get Your Business Listing Everywhere and on Every Device Today

A key component of local marketing today is the number of places your business is listed online.

We distribute and publish your business listing through our network partners to the most established and popular search engines, maps, apps and directories across the globe.

Leverage our direct connections to the publishers in our powerful Global Listings Network to get found — no matter the language, country, currency, or address format.

No technical knowledge or skill required, only a desire to succeed.

Why Are Business Directory Listings So Important?

The basic marketing principles that have been used to successfully influence the purchasing decisions of local customers haven't changed for hundreds of years.

Local marketing is all about increasing local VISIBILITY, showing your VALUE and promoting your CREDIBILITY. In our world today, that means you need to have an online presence that does all that and ensures you easily Get Found Online by potential customers.

Business directory listings are essential to helping you increase VISIBILITY, showing VALUE and promoting CREDIBILITY.

  • Nearly all consumers use online media in some form to shop locally.
  • If potential customers can't find you online the chances are they aren't going to buy whatever it is you’re selling.
  • There are hundreds of powerful online business directories that you can list your business on.
  • Listing your business on as many directories as possible very quickly increases your local online VISIBILITY.
  • Posting information potential customers need and want shows the VALUE you offer.
  • Inviting customers to connect with you online and write a review promotes your CREDIBILITY.
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Manage Your Online Business Listings From One Location

The Clickfirst Services Business Listing Dashboard.

The most powerful, scalable location content management system available. Connected to Listings, the Location Management Platform allows you to store and manage every bit of information about your locations, from basic details like address and phone number to enhanced content like lat/long, menus, photos, and more.

Centrally Manage All Your Location Marketing Analytics

Analytics Hub: Measure your Listings performance across all your locations from a single interface, including Listing Visitors, Search Terms, and Review Monitoring.

2. Create a Landing Page / Website For Your Business

  • Problem: Most people and businesses selling products and services locally don't have a landing page or website that effectively converts site visitors into customers.

    Solution: Use our landing page / website creator to build a full featured Clickfirst Business Directory Listing. Your listing page will quickly and easily help you provide customers and potential customers all the information they want and need to make purchasing decisions quickly.


Create a Listing and Build a Feature Packed Landing Page / Website In Minutes...Without Code or Technical Skills

Our Software is Used by Top Online Marketers & Small Businesses To Create Pages Fast

Why is this so important?

Simplicity sells!

You only have seconds to make a good impression.

Consumers who search for local products and services online want information quickly.

Use our landing page/website builder tool to easily and quickly create a landing page/website for your business with features that matter.

Just fill in the blanks to provide consumers the information they want and need quickly and easily, all from one web page.

That information includes:

  • Your physical location and contact information.
  • Blog: post information about the products and services you sell.
  • Special offers and coupons.
  • Pictures and videos.
  • Links to social media sites and your primary website.
  • Customer reviews.

3. Create Mobile Applications With Our Mobile App Creator.

  • Problem: More and more consumers are using mobile devices exclusively to shop locally and communicate. Having a great online presence is no longer enough for success. You also need to have a great mobile presence!

    Solution: The Clickfirst Services Mobile APP Creator will not only help you get found on mobile networks, but it will help you communicate with customers and potential customers.


Why do you Need a Mobile App?

People are using the Internet to connect and communicate. As a result it very important that you make every effort to invite your customers and potential customers to connect and communicate online. Mobile Apps serve not only as electronic business cards that can quickly be downloaded and shared, but as a tool to communicate with customers and potential customers. A mobile app can link customers to social networks, your landing page/website, special offers, events, menus and more. Using our mobile app creator tool makes it easy for you to quickly create mobile apps for your business.

Create Mobile Apps for Your Customers

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Why Use Local Marketing Magic to Get Found Online and Attract New Customers?


4. Downloadable Marketing Plan Template 

  • Problem: Many small businesses and people selling products and services locally don't have a marketing plan. This dramatically increases the probability of failure.

    Solution: Our Local Marketing Magic Program can be customized and used as a marketing plan template. It provides a step-by-step process that will not only help you Get Found Online and continuously Attract More Customers, but increases the probability that you will Grow Your Business and Make More Money!


Why do you Need a Marketing Program?

In our world today it is much easier, less expensive and produces much better results when you stop trying to find new customers and instead help new customers find you.

Our local marketing magic program does just that. It provides you a step by step process that will not only help you increase your search engine ranking and local online visibility, but help you use your online presence to continuously attract new customers.

Marketing is a communication process designed to positively influence the purchasing decisions of potential customers.

No business can survive without customers.

Research indicates that people and businesses who have a written marketing plan are three times more likely to be successful.

Our Local Marketing Magic Program provides a step-by-step process to help you Get Found Online and continuously Attract More Customers.

We call the program Local Marketing Magic, not just because it works like magic, but because it integrates so easily into your daily routine, that after using it for a short period of time, it won't feel like a marketing program at all, but instead a natural way of doing business.

Our Program Highlights:

  • Simple: the step-by-step process will guide you through the process of improving your online presence and using that presence to continuously attract new customers.
  • Personalized and Powerful: download the program, fill in the blanks and it becomes your personalized written marketing plan that focuses on the unique value you offer.
  • Cost Effective: using the program will save you lots of time and money. It naturally becomes part of your daily routine and helps you focus on whats important. Running your business and satisfying your customers.
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This program is like "word of mouth marketing on steroids".


Dave - owner Varsity Club Sports Bar & Grille.

Summary of Services - Plus Bonus

  • Create Landing Page / Website

    Create a Full Featured Landing Page / Website on the Clickfirst Business Directory. Include your images, contact info, Google Map, discounts, blog posts and much more!

  • Custom Mobile App Creator

    Build a robust mobile app to engage your customers. Full features include, Geo push notification, images, loyalty cards, coupons and specials, menu items, e-commerce and more!

  • Business Listing Dashboard

    With our Clickfirst Business Listing Dashboard, you will be in control of every aspect of how your business is found and is synced across all of the internet. This dramatically improves your local online visibility and search engine ranking.

  • Local Marketing Magic Program

    Increase the probability of success with our proven program, you will learn all of the ins and outs of getting found online locally and keep your valued customers coming back.


Members Also Receive These Benefits and Features

  • Review Monitoring

    Monitor and search customer reviews by location across every site that supports them, including Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Citysearch, in real time. Get custom notifications for new reviews, search reviews by location, and analyze how customer feedback varies over time and across locations.

  • Duplicate Suppression

    Duplicate records of your business information appear across the search ecosystem — and they cost you time, money, and hurt your overall SEO and search engine ranking. Suppresses duplicate listings so consumers never see incorrect or incomplete address or contact information. Since search engines value consistency, Duplicate Suppression offers huge SEO benefits.

  • Performance Reporting

    See how often a listing appears in local search results, the total number of views your listings get and the number of times customers click on a featured message — which helps you tie revenue back to your local online visibility.

  • Access to our ‘How-To Guides’

    One of the secrets to marketing success in our world is this: your ability to successfully use available resources to connect and attract new customers. Facebook, Google Plus, Yelp and many other powerful online social networks and business directories can help you grow and prosper – if you know how to use them. Our “how to guides” will show you how to.


  • Bonus: Icon Library

    Use our Bonus Icon Library to add attention and emphasis to key areas of your website or, include them with your mobile application.

  • Bonus: Graphics Library

    Your Gold Level Membership will include a bonus of hundreds of graphics for you to use on your Business Listing and Mobile App.

  • BONUS - Facebook Social Directory Listing

    Add pictures, videos, links and more to your business listing in our Facebook directory. Our marketing and advertising campaigns encourage smart shoppers to ClickFirst® before they purchase. We want consumers to not only know how to find reputable local businesses, but we want to help them connect with and purchase from ClickFirst® listed businesses.


"I would say that the program has clearly improved our online presence and has played a key role in helping us continue to grow the practice."

Dr. Beth Hanrahan
2495 Enterprise Rd #102, Clearwater, FL 33763

"It's word-of-mouth marketing on steroids."

Varsity Club Sports Bar and Grill

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  • Our Facebook page contains a unique social directory of local businesses. Local marketing is more social and personal than ever. We can help you socially connect and interact with potential customers.Listing in ClickFirst Social Directory
  • A business listing on is much more than just a listing. It’s a feature packed website for your business that will help you get found online and attract new customers.Listings in the ClickFirst Business Directory
  • Getting your business listed is critically important. However, learning how to use your online presence to get found online and continuously attract new customers is the key to local marketing success. This step-by-step program is literally the simplest, most powerful and cost effective way to market your local business in use in the world today.Local Marketing Magic Program
  • Use our robust Mobile App Builder to create feature rich mobile apps for your business. Included are dozens of templates and features to get you inspired and help fine tune your app to your exact specifications. You build it and we take care of the publishing on the Apple Store and Google Play! Update anytime with fresh content!Clickfirst Mobile App Creator and Editor
  • No need for Photoshop! Our powerful integrated photo editor allows the creation of new photos or easy editing of already uploaded photos and templates. Uploaded photos can be shared easily to all the most popular social services. Each uploaded photo has direct, preview, embed, forum and more links generated for any use case.Clickfirst Image Editor and Library
  • Keeping up with how online marketing works is hard. Now you don’t have to. We do it for you and then post video tutorials on how to use online tools and sites like Facebook and Google to market your business.Access to ClickFirst Learning Library
  • In the United States business listing organizations purchase data from trusted data providers called aggregators. Business listing sites and search engines then publish that information. With this service we submit your basic business listing information to data aggregator(s) who subsequently distribute your data to hundreds of their clients. Basic Business Listing Distribution (In U.S. Only)
  • Approximately 70 of the most powerful online business listing sites enable and encourage local businesses to not only post basic information about your business, but to enhance that information by adding additional information like calls to action, pictures and videos. List your business once here on; we do the rest for you. You can add, delete and/or edit information at any time. Enhanced Business Listing Distribution (Anywhere)
  • Get notified anytime a review is written and posted on dozens of sites.Review Monitoring
  • See how many times your listings have been viewed and what actions people take.Performance Reports
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