Reputation management is a key element of marketing. Why? Because credibility translates to value to customers and the age old marketing formula still get found online and attract new customers nowworks today. VISIBILITY plus CREDIBILITY equals PROFITABILITY.

Do you often knowingly buy products and services from people you can’t trust, are unethical or that treat you poorly? Of course not, and neither does anybody else. A good reputation is a very powerful sales tool available to most of us and yet very few of us actually spend any time thinking about it, improving it or physically marketing it. Why? Because most of us are too busy trying to sell our products and services and not ourselves.

Here is something to think about. You can add incredible value to the products you sell and services you provide simply by adhering to an ethical standard, offering great customer service and asking people to connect with you online. Research confirms that not only do consumers overwhelmingly prefer to purchase products and services from people they trust, but they will pay more for those products and services and use ethical values and customer service to differentiate between products and services of equal price.

Our Local Marketing Magic Program will help you promote, manage and monitor your reputation and expand both your personal and professional network all at the same time.