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To help you more easily get found online, one thing you must do is this – build landing page. In the Internet world a landing page is a single web page that clearly and quickly delivers a specific message from the host. These pages are found online by people as a result of links from social media; search engine optimized search results pages or linked to from online advertisements. The purpose of building a landing page is to generate sales leads and should display information that is logically related to and/or a direct extension of the search result, social link or online advertisement.

Define Your Goal

Building a landing page is not the same thing creating a website or writing a newsletter. A landing page is a simply one web page that has one specific purpose. To be effective you must define the goal of the page. The goal should be clear to you before you create your page. Each landing page should have its own goal so that the visitor is not confused.

Have a Clear Call to Action

Once you know what your goal is for your landing page, you can create a clear call to action. This really is the most important part of any landing page as it is the objective, to generate more leads. Your call to action should be related to your goal and a direct extension of everything else linked to, on or related to your landing page.

Keep it Simple

“Build landing page” means just that; one page. That page needs to be very simple. Choose keywords wisely and don’t over use them. Your written copy should be clear, concise and natural. People who end up on your landing page are already interested in who you are, what you say or what you do since they “landed” on your page as a result of clicking on a link, search result or advertisement. Be persuasive and use every sentence to support your call to action. Remember that the objective is to get your landing page visitors to take action. Tell your visitors what they need to know in as few words as possible and be genuine, make sure your information is reliable and offer real solutions.

Add Relevant Links

The most important part of your landing page is a “call to action”. The call to action will be completely useless if your visitors can’t easily do what you are asking them to do. In some cases your visitor may want more information, make it easy for them to find it. Link your landing page to your website, social network(s) and customer testimonials.

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Author: Jim Merrick