Business Listings EverywhereList your business once and you’re done. Our business listing and distribution services will save you lots of time and help you improve your local online visibility and search engine ranking.

We will distribute your business listing to over 70 sites and that you can manage and monitor all your listings from one location.

Why do you need a business listing and distribution service?

Because almost all consumers use the Internet is some way to shop for products and services locally. If they can’t find you, they aren’t going buy from you.

How will our business listing and distribution service help you get found online?

We get your business information listed everywhere it needs to be.

There literally dozens of very powerful search engines and business directories that consumers use to find local products and services.

These websites want all the information you can give them about your business listed on their sites.

Because almost all consumers use the Internet is some way to shop locally, when you list your business on as many websites as possible, its like putting a billboard up on every street in town.

Here’s the Real Secret About Business Directory Listings

Search engines like Google use local business directory listings to display within the local section of search results pages; as a result, creating and managing your local online directory listings is literally the ONLY way to improve your local online visibility and search engine ranking.

Search engines refer to these business directory listings as citations. To them its a numbers game. Generally, the more citations your business has online, the higher your search engine ranking is going to be.

And here’s another secret;

You don’t need to spend lots of money building or optimizing your local website.

Unless your trying sell products and services online, building a powerful website to rank locally is a waste of time and money. You don’t need optimize your own website when there are dozens and dozens of very powerful websites that will gladly optimize and display all kinds of information about your business and your products and services for you. This information includes posts about your products and services, pictures, videos, menus, calendars, customer reviews and much more.

Here’s the problem;

To get your business listed on all these sites and then manage all that information would literally be a full time job.

Here’s the solution;

Use our business listing and management tool to distribute and manage your business listing on 71 business directories, search engines and social networks. What that means is that you list your business once and you’re done. We distribute the information you post for you.

We call it a business listing dashboard.

From the dashboard you can add, edit or delete information at any time on all the sites at once from a single location.

In addition – you can see how your listings are performing using the analytical tools provided and accessed through the dashboard.

That’s not all!

You can monitor reviews and/or set up review notifications so that you will get an email any time a review is written on one of the websites your business is listed on through the dashboard.

Why does this really work so well?

These local business directory listings are very valuable to consumers.

Consumers rely on these sites to provide them the information they want and need to make purchasing decisions.

As a result they are used by search engines, social networks and local business directories to provide information to consumers about local products and services on search results pages.

Don’t skimp!

You can’t just list your business on a few directories and hope it makes a big difference. It won’t. Search engine optimization just doesn’t work that way. You need to do it correctly or you’re wasting your time.

The bottom line;

The fastest, most efficient and cost effective way to get your business correctly listed everywhere it needs to be today – is to click this button!

Once you subscribe, you will have access to all the tools we provide to help you improve your online presence, including our business listing dashboard.

Once you log into your personalized dashboard, you can follow the prompts, fill in the blanks and your information will be distributed to all the sites in our business listing network immediately.

Its easy – list your business once and your done!

Get Started Now.

For more information about business listing management and distribution you can watch this slideshow.

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