Create Small Business Website

Create small business website – that is the 3rd step in developing an online presence that gets you found and attracts new customers to you. The first and probably the most obvious question is: what is the difference between a website and a small business website? The answer is “focus”. Unless you are in the e-commerce business and your entire business “focus” is your online business, than most of us don’t have the time or money required to make our websites work for us. For the vast majority of us, a small business website today will only provide true value if it is created in conjunction with other online marketing techniques that are specifically designed to attract new customers.

Your Small Business Website Must be Relevant

Search engines today use very complex and proprietary logarithms to return search results on search results pages. Their objective is to return the most relevant and useful search results to their customers. Search engines scan, categorize and index billions of webpages. Most off the shelf website design platforms simply aren’t physically built to enable the amount of content needed to get the site ranked high on search results pages for the terms consumers frequently use to find products and services. More importantly, most people don’t have the time or knowledge to develop content that is capable of independently ranking high on search results pages for any keyword that people are actually searching for.

Websites Play an Important Role

So if your website probably isn’t going to independently rank highly, why create a small business website at all? Websites play a very important role in defining who you are and presenting a call to action that invites new customers to contact you. The key is to narrowly define your objectives and then “focus” your site on that objective using specific keywords that you can also use in your overall online marketing plan culminating in a call to action related to your online marketing efforts.

For example: You’re a flooring contractor. You specialize in refinishing hardwood floors. You have already taken this step – “create small business website’. You have a 5 page website. Your first page should focus on who you are, where you are and what you do. The next 4 pages should be very keyword specific. Your content would start something like this; “refinishing hardwood floors can revitalize your home”……etc, The page culminates in a call to action and a link back to the home page and/or your contact information. The other pages should focus on another specific product or service you offer with a similar call to action.

Make Your Site Work

Don’t just have a website, create small business websites that work through focus. For your local online marketing techniques to work effectively they must be used in conjunction with each other and with a clear objective in mind, to attract new customers to you. Using our flooring contractor example above, if “refinishing hardwood floors” is something you do and want to focus on, that keyword phrase should appear in all your online marketing material. It should be attached to your online business listing, on your landing page, on your website and used within your social media posts. Since statistics show that most online consumers who find something about you online and want more information will want to come to your website before they contact you, make that your online marketing objective; to attract new customers to your website so that you can give them what they want.

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Author: Jim Merrick