Does traditional advertising still work? The short, quick answer is yes, traditional advertising does still work. The longer answer is more complicated; traditional advertising will generally only work if you spend enough time and money doing it.

In other words, traditional advertising generally doesn’t work for people and businesses selling products and services locally because they can’t afford to spend the time or money required to make it work. There are lots of reasons why a successful traditional advertising campaign will generally cost more money today than it used to, in general it’s because consumers today don’t pay attention to local advertising. As a result the frequency of advertisements must be increased, timed and specifically targeted correctly to have a successful impact. That costs more money.


How Much Time and Money Does it Take to Make a Local Advertising Campaign Work?

The reality is that the effects of local advertising can be very hard to measure. As a result it’s hard to predict or determine exactly how much time and money needs to be spent on a local advertising campaign to be effective. What we do know is that you can run a successful advertising campaign in our world today, it’s generally much more time and money than a small business can afford to spend.

How do you Cost Effectively Run an Advertising Campaign Today?

The short answer; run it online! For thousands of years advertising has been a process intended to positively influence the purchasing decisions of potential customers for the purpose of increasing profitability of the advertiser. The process has always had three main components. Nothing’s changed. The three main components needed to successfully market and advertise your business today are the same as they have been for hundreds of years. You need:

  1. A delivery platform where potential customers can see the advertisement. The more people that potentially can see the ad, the higher your VISIBILITY will be in the target market. It’s a numbers game; the more VISIBILITY you have the more opportunity there is for potential customers to see your ad.
  2. A process that shows CREDIBILITY, either through customer testimonials within the advertising, brand recognition, money-back guarantees or other form of warranty.
  3. A VALUE proposition. Value has different meanings to different people. It can be a monetary discount, product or service differentiation, unique service association, convenient location and so on. The ultimate VALUE to the customer is often the deciding factor in any purchasing decision.

The Internet Today is the Difference

The difference between advertising today and in the past is the Internet. With 97% of all consumers now using the Internet is some fashion to shop locally, the Internet is the best platform to increase your local VISIBILITY. With the number, popularity and power of sites that post online reviews, it’s also the best place to promote your CREDIBILITY. Considering the fact that consumers now trust information on branded websites more than any other form of advertising behind personal referrals, posting information about your business, the products you sell and services you provide is the best way to advertise the VALUE you offer.


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Author: Jim Merrick