Here you can get answers to our Local Marketing Magic frequently asked questions.

What is ClickFirst.com?

Clickfirst.com is a portal that helps people and business selling products and services in their local community manage their online business listing across the Internet.

How does it work?

We provide users a business listing dashboard and a local marketing program that helps them continuously attract new customers.

Why does it work?

The Internet has changed how commerce works. Local businesses no longer need to spend lots of money trying to find new customers when new customers are already online searching for them.

Do consumers have to go to Clickfirst.com to find these business listings?

Maybe, our business listing services ensure that our subscribers businesses are “findable” all over the internet. (Services vary depending on the subscription package)

What does Click First Services do?

We specifically provide tools and services that help people and businesses get found online and attract new customers.


About the Local Marketing Magic Program


What is it?

Local Marketing Magic is a step-by-step marketing program designed to positively influence the purchasing decisions of local consumers every day.

Why do you need a marketing program?

If you sell products and services locally you are probably selling those products and services for one reason, to make money. To make money you must have customers. To have customers you must engage is some form of communication process that lets consumers know who you are and what you have to offer.

According to the SBA, 75% of small businesses ultimately fail. It’s not a coincidence that 74% of small businesses don’t have a marketing plan. No marketing plan equals fewer customers.

How does the local marketing magic program work?

Follow the steps in the program. The steps are part of a process that makes the program work. It’s not magic, but it is a proven way to increase your local VISIBILITY, promote your CREDIBILITY and advertise your VALUE. Those are the three things that influence consumer purchasing decisions.

Why does the local marketing magic program work?

Most consumers that have access to the Internet now use the Internet is some form to shop locally. The local marketing magic program enables users to quickly get found online, provide valuable information and personally communicate with customers and potential customers.

Why do I need a marketing program; most of my new business is from word-of-mouth referrals?

More than 82% of small businesses say that most of their business is generated through personal referrals. The Internet today is a personal word-of-mouth communication platform. A recent study revealed that 86% of consumers who received a personal referral then go online to check out the referral.


Business Listing Services


What is an online business listing?

The core of any online business listing is the Name, Address and Phone number referred to as (NAP).  Many sites today allow business listings to be enhanced with all sorts of additional information. This information can include hours of operation, types of payment taken, types of products and services sold, descriptions, pictures, videos, menus, special announcements, calls to action and more.

What is considered a basic business listing?

With regard to online business listing information, basic business listing information consists of a business’s Name, Address and Phone number. Some sites may include a business category and hours of operation within a basic business listing.

How do websites I have never seen or heard of get my business listing information?

Much of the very basic information about your business is considered public information. As a result it is stored in public databases and can be obtained and used by third parties. This information is routinely purchased by certified data providers.

This information is then sold by these data providers, sometimes called aggregators, to search engines, local search platforms and online business directories. It is the business of these data providers to gather and organize data for their clients.  

In the United States individual business owners can submit their basic business listing information to these data providers for an annual fee. This information is verified and then distributed through the data providers network to potentially hundreds of sites.

While managing and distributing your basic business listing information does not provide the flexibility and power of enhancing that information with pictures, videos and other additional information, it can dramatically improve local online visibility and search engine ranking.


Why should I have a business listing?

There is no simpler or more powerful way to market yourself online today. Billions of consumers conduct searches online every month for local products and services. They can’t find you if you are not listed.

Why should I list my business on Clickfirst.com?

Our contractual relationships enable us to submit your business listing to our business listing partners that distribute your listing information to over 200 local business directories, search engines and local search platforms. This service enables you to manage your online business listing from one location across the Internet. In addition we provide you the tools and training to manage and use those business listings to continuously attract new customers.

To which search engines and local search platforms is my business listing submitted?

Through our business listing partner(s) and depending on your subscription package we submit your business to over 200 online platforms including:

• Search Engines such as Yahoo, Bing
• Directories such as Yellowpages.com and Whitepages.com
• Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter
• Portals and Guides such as Yelp and Merchant Circle

Does it cost anything to use Clickfirst?

Clickfirst.com is free to consumers. Business members pay a minimal membership fee for our package of bundled services.

Can other information can be included in my business listing?

Yes, additional information can be included in any business listing. Generally this information includes keywords, hours of operation, types of payment accepted and website links.

What should I know about online business listing?

In the online world today there are three types of business listing:

1. Free Listings – these listings are free and generally posted randomly online by business owners and/or business listing services.
2. Sponsored Listings – are paid for by business owners to generate a presence according to the terms of the paid service.
3. Claimed Listings – are free listings that have been claimed directly by the authorized owner or manager of that business and independently verified by a trusted third party.

Claimed businesses have a special status with directories and search engines. This special status gives these businesses a higher priority in search results.

With our business listing services you manage and control your business listing online through Clickfirst.com. As a third party trusted business partner, once we submit your business information to our business partners your business automatically receives the higher ranking “claimed” status.

What is the benefit of “Verification”?

In addition to giving your businesses the higher value “claimed” status within search engine ranking the “Verified” statue on Clickfirst.com gives consumers and publishers confidence in your legitimacy. Your “verified” status can be seen on your business profile page and can be promoted through social media, on your website, in email correspondence and anywhere else you are managing your presence online.

How long will it take my business to show up online?

Every search engine and local search platform has a different timetable and method of uploading and posting businesses. As a result your business may show up within a day or as long as 90 days, depending on the platform and subscription package.

How can I track my businesses listing performance?

The Search Engines and Local Search Platforms do not advise when they actually publish a business listing. The general guideline to see results is within 1-90 days for verified businesses. The Business Listing Manager Plus package includes review monitoring and performance tracking services.

What happens if my information cannot be verified?

This almost never happens to real businesses, but if it does we will distribute your business information with whatever level of verification has been complete. We will make a reasonable attempt to contact you to complete the verification process.

Is there a guarantee?

We guarantee that your business will be listed correctly on all the sites with whom we have direct access to with the enhanced content that you provide.

What if I have a P.O. Box?

Unfortunately most business listing sites require a physical address to display local listings and will not accept P.O. Boxes. As a result we do not accept P.O. Box listings either.

How do I know my business listing has been distributed?

We provide you links to more than 45 sites with listings that you’re controlling with our services. You can verify your information is live and correct on all these sites through these links. In addition, we offer reporting services so you can track searches and views of your listings.

Will these listings help my search engine ranking?

While we can’t guarantee any specific ranking on search results pages, we can tell you that business listings create search engine citations. Citations are used by search engines to help determine search engine ranking. Generally speaking, the more citations, the higher you will rank on search results pages.

Is there a way I can help make my business listing rank higher on search results pages?

Yes, updating content and changing your featured message periodically through your business listing dashboard keeps your listing “fresh”. Search engines like fresh content and changing it occasionally may help you rank higher.

What if I have more than one location?

Only one location can be set up per subscription.

I have never heard of some of the sites you are listing my business on, does that matter?

There are literally hundreds of online business directories and local search platforms operating on the Internet. We are listing your business on the biggest and most visited sites available.

Does the Click First Business listing service place my business listing within Google My Business (formerly Google Places)?

No, but if you sign up for the Business Listing Manager Plus package once you create your listing on Google, you can connect it to your dashboard.


How do I get my business listing on Google?

Sign up for our Gold member package and we’ll be able to help you get your business listed on Google quickly. The other way to do it is for you to first create a Google account. Then go to Google My Business and follow the business listing instructions.

Can’t I list my business on all the sites you are listing my business on for FREE?

No, not all the sites we list your business on will accept independent listings. In addition our contractual relationships enable us to list your business with online data providers. Search engines and local online directories use this data to display on search results pages.

Why is it important to have so many online business listings?

Every business listing you manage creates a citation. Citations are one of the top 3 things that search engines use to determine ranking on search results pages. In addition, the more places you are listed the more visibility you have.


Updates and Changes


Can I make changes to my business listing(s)?

Yes, you many make changes any time. However, you must be very careful with your business. The directories do not update their information regularly. More importantly they do not necessarily “delete” old information, they focus on returning search results only to the most current and relevant information available. In fact editing your business name, address or phone number in most cases simply creates a completely new business. The old business listing automatically becomes less relevant, eventually “un-verified” and subsequently “un-claimed” resulting in it becoming irrelevant.

Caution: Changing your name, address or phone number results in a “new” business listing for Internet listing purposes and will result in a charge to your account.

Can I delete my business listing?

You can always delete your profile business on clickfirst.com and the search engines and local search platforms will be notified that your business has been deleted. However, completely deleting anything from the Internet once it becomes part of the public domain is very difficult. Once your business is submitted to search engines and local search platforms it becomes part of the public domain and is difficult to completely delete.

What is an un-claimed and un-verified business listing?

The nature of Internet search ensures that newer data gets a higher ranking than older data. Data that is not updated at least yearly is considered old and becomes less and less relevant over time. Since a business listing may not physically change for many years it need only be “verified” again to be considered updated. Business businesses that are not updated are considered “un-claimed” and treated like old, irrelevant data by search engines.


Payments and Fees


Is there a fee for consumers?


Is there a fee for businesses?

Maybe, we currently offer 4 business listing subscription packages.

Is there a renewal fee?

Yes. We charge a monthly fee for your subscription to use our services.

What if I do not renew?

Your business listing and profile will be moved to our FREE listing service and will not be re-verified with our listing partners. Each of distribution partners will treat deactivated business listings in different ways according to their own policies. Some may keep the listings active and others may delete the listing, none of that is within our control.

Can I buy a posting for multiple years?

We do not provide multi-year business services to prevent spam and ensure that both your business is accurate and consumers are getting the most accurate information possible.

Many sites allow me to list my business for free, so why do I have to pay you?

We not only submit your business to over 200 search platforms, but we optimize your business and allow you to manage that business from one location. In addition some directories do not permit the general public to submit data and charge us a fee to submit your data. In addition, when your business signs up on Clickfirst.com you are getting much more than our business listing services.

What other services does my business get?

You get a state of the art, optimized web page with simple tools to help you manage your reputation, share referrals and grow your business and a local marketing program that helps you use these tools to continuously attract new customers.

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

What is your refund policy?

Regrettably, we incur costs as soon as your business is submitted to us. As a result all sales are final. However, if you are not satisfied, contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Can I cancel my subscription? 

You may cancel your subscription at any time. However, if cancellation occurs within the first two (2) months of service a cancellation fee of $35 will be charged.




What is Local Marketing Magic?

Local Marketing Magic is the name of our local marketing program.

How do businesses use Local Marketing Magic?

The Local Marketing Magic program is an interactive process designed to integrate naturally into your daily routine. By following the steps in the program you create your own local marketing process that helps you continuously expand your network and attract new customers.

How does Local Marketing Magic expand my network and attract new members?

Using the tools we provide and your online business listings you are able to invite satisfied customers, partners, associates and affiliates to connect, share, review and see offers. People talk.