Two of the biggest problems for small businesses have always been controlling costs and generating more sales. Using online business directory listings today is easiest, most cost-effective and powerful way to keep your marketing costs low and still increase your sales by helping you get found online and attract new customers.

If you have a small marketing budget and are selling products and services in the local community then you already know that finding new customers in your local community is hard. Consumers pay very little attention to local marketing and advertising messages. Traditional advertising is very expensive. Attending networking functions and using social media platforms is time-consuming and has limited reach.


The Internet has Changed How People Shop

The reality is that the Internet has changed how people shop and interact. Today, consumers are in control, they use the Internet to search for what they want, when they want, where they want and pay very little attention to other forms of local marketing or advertising. In fact, every second of every day more than 1100 internet searches are conducted for local products and services.

For that reason search engines have dedicated a section of search results pages to display local business listings. Displaying local business listings and providing the owners of those business listings an opportunity to enhance those listing with additional information provides the search engines a simple way to satisfy those search requests.


Directory Listings are Like Business Cards

Think about it this way. When you effectively use all the elements of online business directory listings available today, it’s like personally providing a business card, a classified ad, a product brochure, a product picture(s), a special offer, a location map with directions, a television commercial and customer testimonials to every person that searches for your products and services in your community, 24 hours a day seven days a week without the cost, in a simple format that both people and search engines like.

So stop spending so much time and money on marketing campaigns that people don’t pay attention to. Instead help them find you online. Your online business directory listings today are the easiest, most powerful and cost-effective way to market yourself and your products and services. Your business listing itself increases your online presence and visibility, the information you attach to it helps you get found online easily and the reviews that you invite people to write help you attract new customers.

The result is increased sales and more profit.


More Information on How To Get Found Online Locally

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Author: Jim Merrick