Stop looking for new customers - help new customers find you.

If you sell a product or service in your local community then you are undoubtedly faced with a perpetual question….how to find new customers. Everyone who sells products or services needs customers to financially survive.

Improve Your Online Visibility

In our world today you shouldn’t be spending lots of time and money looking for new customers. Instead your marketing efforts should focus on improving your online visibility for the purpose of helping new customers find you. The best way to do that is to use your local businesses listing to build your brand identity and get found online. Because of the number of powerful sites to list and use your business listing to attract new customers, it’s the simplest, most cost-effective and powerful way to help you find new customers in your local community.

Here are the facts. The Internet has changed how people shop. Today more than three billion online searches are conducted every month by people looking for local products and services. All the major search engines and hundreds of local search platforms display local business listings on search results pages. You don’t need to be out looking for new customers when they are already on the Internet looking for you.

How do you make it easier to people to find you online?

What you need to do is make it easier for potential customers to find you by increasing the probability that you will show up on search results pages when people in your community search for your products and services online.


How do you make it easier to people to find you online? The short answer is to manage, enhance and distribute your business listing online. Managing your listing tells the search engines that your listing is important to you and relevant to search results. Enhancing your listing provides additional information about you, the products you sell and services you provide and distributing it dramatically increases the physical number of listings and total visibility. The result is a higher search engine ranking on search results pages.


Click first services can help you improve your online visibility through our business listing management services. In the United States this service enables you to list, enhance and distribute your business listing to over 150 local search engines and local business directories, all from one location.


The process doesn’t require any technical knowledge or skill, it will save you time save you money and most importantly help you improve your online visibility to that potential customers can find you online.

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Author: Jim Merrick