Who are The Best Local Businesses? From a
consumer standpoint, the best local businesses are the ones that have created
brand recognition thru customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers talk, they
feel good about their experience and will very likely share their feelings and
that experience with others given the opportunity. These word of mouth
referrals are usually very credible, instill trust and help brand the
businesses that provided the product or service as “the best”.


The best local businesses are run by people who understand
the power of referral marketing. They are dedicated to customer service and
consumer protection. They deliver quality products and services. They listen to
their customers, offer specific advice and provide information the helps the
customer make good decisions. They develop lines of communication that keeps
their customers informed about the business, the products they sell and
services they provide. They focus on developing long-term relationships which will
not only help ensure customer satisfaction but create customer loyalty as well.
Customer loyalty translates to brand recognition and business profitability.


The best local businesses willingly share their knowledge
and experience. They are easily accessible and become a valuable resource for
the customer trying to make an informed decision. They are considered experts. Experts
are respected and sought after.


The best local businesses use word of mouth marketing to
generate new business and encourage repeat business. They create their own
referral network connecting new prospects with existing customers, professional
contacts, personal references and other resources to validate and verify information.
The result is one stop shopping for the consumer and ultimate customer
satisfaction which ultimately generates additional referrals, repeat business,
increased profitability and “the best” local business recognition.


Author: Jim Merrick