Social Public Relations sounds like an acronym used to describe a specialized marketing technique used by big marketers with deep pockets to reach consumers on Social Media channels like Facebook, Linkedin and Google+. It’s not. Social Public Relations refers to a much broader opportunity for marketers of all sizes to take advantage of the fact that consumers from all walks of life are connecting online and sharing all kinds of personal experiences.

It used to be that businesses controlled all the promotion and marketing of stories about themselves and the experiences their customers had with their products and services. The business developed the story and used the traditional advertising platforms to deliver it to consumers in an effort to find new customers. The Internet has changed all that. Today consumers dominate the conversation to the point where they now control the promotion and marketing of products and services; not newspapers, radio stations and television studios.

Social Public Relations and Referral Marketing are almost synonymous terms in the Internet world. Both rely on other people to help spread the word about you and your business. By incorporating a Social Public Relations campaign into your daily routine you can attract new customers by getting your existing customers and people you know to talk about you and your business. The really exciting part about this is that online social networks have made this very easy. More importantly, search engines now incorporate social connections into the equation when displaying results on search results pages. As a result your Social Public Relations campaign may not just be about getting people to talk about you and your business; simply making the connection may help you attract new customers.

Getting found online has never been easier. Get started now.

Author: Jim Merrick