An affordable marketing plan doesn’t mean it is less effective. An affordable marketing plan is one that effectively gets results within the marketing and advertising budget of the user. This again illustrates and emphasizes the importance of having an overall business plan that focuses on specific goals and objectives that help local small businesses survive. Establishing a realistic marketing budget is a huge part of that overall business plan.

Advertising Cost

Many small business people underestimate the cost and time required to develop an effective advertising campaign. In fact some well know advertising providers clearly disclose to potential clients that to effectively use their advertising platform they need to be willing to spend $5000 per month in a specific target market for a period of time before they are likely to see measurable results. Five thousand dollars a month is a large sum of money for most local small businesses.


The Internet

The Internet today offers a tremendous opportunity to market yourself, your products and your services very effectively and very affordably. By implementing a local business marketing plan with a focus on local online marketing you can implement a traditional word-of-mouth marketing program that incorporates the speed and efficiency of the Internet to help you attract new customers.

This technique is very compelling when you consider that 1 in 5 online searches is for a local product or service and specific keywords related to you and your business can be attached to your local business listing, used within your website and value propositions offered on your landing page all indexed by search engines and working together to help you get to the top of search engine rankings.


Free Tools

In addition, the use of social networking platforms like Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Twitter all offer the opportunity to connect, share and communicate information related to you and your business, for free. All these social networking platforms are also searchable with keywords and are indexed by the big three search engines. So using your specific keywords within communications and post within these networks further enhances your local business online visibility which helps you get found online.

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Author: Jim Merrick