For people and businesses selling products or services locally, you can easily increase your visibility and get found online. Why? Visibility within the community is something you can’t live without. Visibility within your customer base is one of three essential elements in marketing that you must have if you are going to succeed. If potential customers don’t know you exist, they can’t, and won’t purchase your products or services.

Increase Visibility and Increase Profitability

For century’s people selling products and services within their local communities have used all sorts of platforms to broadcast messages in hopes of increasing their local visibility. Traditionally this type of visibility has been in the form of advertising messages designed to positively influence the purchasing decisions of potential customers. Generally this worked, people and businesses that continuously ran advertising campaigns generally had better brand recognition and enjoyed higher profitability. Nothing has changed. Survey after survey confirms that people and businesses that successfully get people and businesses to see advertising messages routinely enjoy substantially more annual revenue than those that don’t.

Local Advertising Doesn’t Work for Most Local Businesses

Here’s the bad news. Most people selling products and services locally in our world today can’t afford the cost of a traditional advertising campaign that effectively increase their local visibility enough to make it work. Why? It’s very hard today to get consumers to pay attention to local advertising. They are so bombarded with information on a daily basis that they don’t pay attention to messages they don’t need or want. Instead they use the Internet to search for information, look for products and services and compare purchasing options.

Branded Websites Increase Local Visibility

Here’s the good news. People and businesses selling products and services locally don’t need to engage in a traditional advertising campaign to increase their local visibility. A recent survey of consumers by Neilson shows that next to personal recommendations from people they know, branded websites are now the most trusted source for information about products and services. When you also consider the fact that 97% of all consumers now use the Internet is some form to shop locally, you don’t have to use traditional advertising platforms to increase your local visibility, you can do it online.

Increasing you local online visibility is today the simplest, most powerful and cost effective way to grow your business and increase your profitability. Click here to learn how.


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Author: Jim Merrick