A Local business listing can help you get found on the Internet. Similarly, the lack of a local business listing can make it much harder to get found. Search engine primarily use local business listings to return search results for people conducting local searches for products and services. To have any chance of being included within these search results you must, at the very least have a local business listing on the search engine being used. While there is much more to using your business listing to consistently rank on search results pages, this guide will help you get started and/or help you supercharge your current presence online.

Your Local Business Listing on Google, Yahoo and Bing

1. Independently list your business directly on each of the big three search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing. Even if you use clickfirst.com or another service to manage and submit your business listing this step is important because each of the big three search engines maintains their own database and requires independent verification of each listing directly submitted into that database. Independent verified listings then are compared to information on other websites and in other databases. The more mentions on other websites and in other databases the more credible the listing and the more likely the listing will rank higher on search results pages.

2. Make sure your listing is complete, accurate and identical on all three sites.

  • Confirm your business location is entered correctly on the map.
  • List your website. The search engines will use information from your website to help improve search results.
  • Include images and videos if you have them. Images help your listing stand out.
  • Add additional information in the boxes provided.
  • Make sure that your business name, physical address, and phone number(s) are correct.

3. Choose the most appropriate, specific keyword categories to describe your business.

  • Pick a descriptive category or enter one if the suggested ones don’t fit. Be as specific as you can be. The more specific the more relevant the search results.

4. Establish a strong, accurate presence on the web.

  • Search engines improve search results by collecting and comparing information about your business from all over the web. Make sure information about your business on third-party sites is accurate.
  • We recommend using clickfirst.com to ensure your business listing information is distributed accurately and quickly all over the Internet to help boost ranking on search engine results pages.

List your business Free on Google, Yahoo and Bing:

Google Places – www.google.com/places


Yahoo – http://listings.local.yahoo.com/


Bing – http://www.bing.com/businessportal

Author: Jim Merrick