An online local business listing on the Internet today is the equivalent of placing your name, address and phone number in the local phone book years ago. The objective is to increase your visibility in the community so that people will see your listing, contact you and ultimately purchase products and services from you.

How is an online business listing different from a traditional phone book listing?

One of the significant differences between an online Business Listing and a more traditional phone book listing is that online listing directories can contain more information than just your business name, address, phone number (NAP). They can also include an interactive map, hours of operation, a brief description of your business, some pictures and your business can be listed in multiple categories.

More importantly a Business Listing can be enhanced by attaching keywords specifically describing the products you sell and services you offer. The purpose of enhancing and/or attaching specific keywords to your online listing is so that search engines can display your listing on search results pages when consumers conduct an online search for local products and services using the keywords you select.

Why is a local business listing so important today?

This is so important for any entity selling any product or service because more and more consumers are using the Internet to conduct a Local Search for the products and services they wish to purchase or get more information about. These consumers can find and contact you from their computer, their smart phone, their GPS devices and more even if you don’t have a website. As a result a strong Internet presence is required in your local market if you want to have any chance of those consumers conducting online searches finding you and not the competition.

Should I have a local business listing?

Anyone who has a Local Business address and is doing at least one of the following should have an online business listing:

1. Selling products and/or services at that address.

2. Selling products and/or services at the customer’s location within a geographically specific radius of that address.

3. If you want your Business Listing (NAP) visible online.

What results can I expect to see from my business listing?

You can expect to see your Business Listing on dozens of Local Search Platforms and several pages of search results. Results will vary based on your location, your industry, your competition, how rapidly search engines index and verify your listing and your willingness to actively participate in ensuring your own success. Generally results can be clearly seen in 90 days or less.

The true measure of success will not be in the physical number of listings and overall visibility of your Business Listing, it will be in the number of new customers generated from that Business Listing and your overall online marketing program.

How do I get started?

List your business now on and then use our Local Marketing Magic Program to get found online, attract new customers, grow your business and make more money.


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Author: Jim Merrick