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3 Local Marketing Things Every Local Business Must Do To Survive and Grow

It’s a scary statistic; 3 out of 4 small businesses ultimately fail. While there are many factors that determine success or failure, most small businesses don’t have any local marketing plan. That means that they don’t have enough local visibility, they don’t have a plan to attract new customers and they have no way to… Read more »

How Long Does it take to Improve Local Search Engine Ranking?

If you hire someone to help you improve your local search engine ranking, you undoubtedly want to know how long it will take to see an improvement in your current ranking. Unfortunately, their isn’t a simple answer to this question. Improving your local search engine ranking depends on many factors and all of them take… Read more »

How People Buy Local Products and Services

How people buy local products and services has changed. While the basic marketing formula for local businesses hasn’t changed in thousands of years, the way merchants and consumers communicate has. As a result the way people buy local products and services has changed. It’s very hard to make money if you sell a product or service… Read more »

Why subscribe to a Business Listing Service?

A business listing service can help you quickly turn your local business listings into a powerful marketing strategy that helps you get found online and attract more customers.       Why? Ask yourself a simple question: Are you doing more or less research online than you did several years ago? Probably more—and so is everyone… Read more »

How to Add Business Listings to Online Directories

ClickFirst makes it simple to post, manage and verify information about you and your business that will be displayed by search engines and mobile devices when asked for by consumers. Without a verified business listing, your business won’t be found by search engines and ultimately by prospective customers. All it takes is just a few minutes to ensure… Read more »

What is a Local Business Directory Listing

The short answer is that  a local business directory listing is a basic business listing that includes your name, address and phone number placed within an online business directory. The reality is that local business directory listings today are much more than that. Online business directory listings today will dramatically improve your online visibility and “findability”…. Read more »

Local Marketing Program

Our local marketing program makes it easier for local businesses to find new customers. The marketing problem for people selling products and services locally in our society is this; consumers are in complete control of the marketplace. They have virtually unlimited online access to information that gives them the ability to find and compare local… Read more »

3 Reasons a Strong Online Presence Will Help You Make More Money

Studies have proven that advertising consistently over time can increase profitability by 30% or more. This is true because advertising helps build brand recognition that ultimately influences purchasing decisions. In our Internet driven world, a strong online presence works like a robust advertising campaign and may be all you really need to make more money and… Read more »

Marketing – Essential to Attracting New Customers and Growing Your Business

Effective marketing is absolutely essential to gaining more customers and growing your business. Yet statistics indicate that if you sell products or services locally, marketing is very likely one of those things you do randomly or not at all. The fact of the matter is that marketing can be complicated, time consuming and expensive. As… Read more »

Local Online Marketing – Should You Be Doing More?

If you sell products or services locally and still aren’t sure whether or not you should be doing more online marketing, you might find this local online marketing statistic compelling. The latest digital influence study from Deloitte shows that more and more shoppers are influenced by information they view online.   More specifically 56% of… Read more »