The objective of this guide is to help you get started using and the Local Marketing Magic Program.


Step 1.

Register or sign in on


Step 2.

Choose your membership level. You can use the membership pricing guide to compare membership options and associated products and services.


Step 3.

Fill in the fields required to register.


Step 4.

Associated with each membership level is a subsequent member portal. The member portal provides access to your business listing dashboard, website builder and associated products and services.


Step 5.

Download and read the Local Marketing Magic Program from the member portal.


Step 6.

Access your business listing dashboard.

The business listing dashboard enables you to create and edit your local online business directory listing with associated information. The information you enter will be distributed through our business listing network according to your membership level. You can edit your business listing information from the dashboard at any time.


Step 7.

Build your landing page.

Use our website builder tool to build your website on Your website is designed specifically to be used as a landing page for customers and potential customers. Our website builder provides tools that enable you to quickly provide and display information consumers need and want before they purchase.


Step 8.

Download our social media marketing guide.


Step 9.

Use the tools and the step-by-step process within the program to get found online, attract new customers, grow your business and make more money.