The Click First Services local marketing program is making it easier for local businesses to find new customers.


Marketing is essentially a form of communication designed to disseminate information that influences purchasing decisions. The problem for people selling products and services locally who want to market themselves is this; consumers are in complete control of the marketplace. They have virtually unlimited online access to information that gives them the ability to find and compare local products and services before ever talking to a vendor. As a result consumers pay very little attention to local sales pitches or advertising campaigns. The consumer decision making process today looks like this:

Consumer Purchasing Process

Local Marketing Program - Consumer Decision Making Process



If you sell products and services locally, you might want to consider spending more time and money helping local consumers find you online instead of you spending time and money looking for them offline. It’s the simplest, most cost-effective and powerful way to market your local business available today.

Local Marketing Program Objectives

Our local marketing program is designed to help you get found online and attract new customers. The program uses online business directory listings to provide consumers information about your business, the products you sell, the services you provide and special offers you may create. It also incorporates a word-of-mouth networking process that promotes credibility.


The program works because it incorporates the same basic marketing fundamentals that have been used to influence purchasing decisions of local consumers for hundreds of years. VISIBILITY plus CREDIBILITY and VALUE leads to more customers and PROFITABILITY. While the basic fundamental marketing principles haven’t changed, the communication process has. Today consumers search for local products and services online.


Our business listing management and distribution services help increase the client’s VISIBILITY and gives clients the ability to make offers that increase VALUE. We teach our clients how to incorporate a personalized step-by-step process that engages with customers which promotes CREDIBILITY and perpetuates the program. The result is a steady stream of new customers.


What’s both different and amazing about the program is this: our business listing management and distributions services and step-by-step word-of-mouth networking process are integrated into one single local marketing program. This makes the program very easy to set up and use. No technical knowledge or skill is needed to use the program, only a desire to succeed. We call the program Local Marketing Magic. Not just because it works like magic, but because it seamlessly integrates into and becomes part of your daily routine. So after a short period of time it doesn’t feel like a marketing program at all, but instead a natural way of doing business.


The program is incredibly sophisticated, yet remarkably simple and enables you to focus on what’s important; satisfying your customers, because satisfied customers are also your best sales people.


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