Local Online Marketing Statistics – Average Internet User Spends More than 30 Hours Month Online

Are you still wonder whether or not you should be doing more local online marketing? If you are not considering more local online marketing, where should concentrate your marketing efforts? The latest Internet usage statistics released by Nielson this past week might help you decide. When you consider the fact that there are 275 million people in the US with Internet access and the latest statistics indicate that the average user spends more than 30 hours online, visits 99 unique domains and views over 3,000 web pages per month it is hard to argue that the Internet doesn’t offer some incredibly powerful marketing opportunities. Chances are your next customers are online right now. The key is to set realistic goals and objectives and focus on the path to meeting those goals and objectives and use the Internet as a tool to help you achieve those goals and objectives.

Make yourself more visible online, promote your credibility and ask for honest feedback and your next customers will find you.

Author: Jim Merrick