Personal online reputation management is very important in our society today. Why? Because your reputation can make you lots of money. Read on to learn more.

Do you often knowingly buy products and services from people you can’t trust, are unethical or that treat you poorly? Of course not, and neither does anybody else. A good reputation is a very powerful sales tool available to most of us and yet very few of us actually spend any time thinking about it, improving it or physically marketing it. Why? Because most of us are too busy trying to sell our products and services and not ourselves.

Here is something to think about. You can add incredible value to the products you sell and services you provide simply by adhering to an ethical standard, offering great customer service and asking people to give you honest feedback online. Research confirms that not only do consumers overwhelmingly prefer to purchase products and services from people they trust, but they will pay more for those products and services and use ethical values and customer service to differentiate between products and services of equal price. You’re personal online reputation management can make the difference.

Here’s What You Do

You can virally grow your business and increase your profits using your reputation to add value to the products you sell and services you provide. The process is based on a marketing concept called viral expansion looping and is used by companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Ning to name a few. These companies have products that by design encourage users to invite more users. Hence the term “viral,” because the product encourages more usage and spreads like a virus. You can do the same thing using a referral marketing process that simply requires that you consciously think about using your good reputation as a marketing tool and that every customer and person you know is a potential sales representative for you. When you consciously incorporate a personal online reputation management thought process into your daily routine and think of the Internet as a tool to help you attract new customers; one customer becomes two, two becomes four, four becomes eight and so on.

Here’s How It Works

If you are like most people you are at least trying to do the best job you can at what you do, go the extra mile to ensure you are offering the best customer service possible and you have added tremendous value to the products you sell and services you provide. Consumers love value. Ask your customers to give you honest feedback online and now you not only learn what you are doing right, but can discover areas that you may be able to improve upon. In addition by interacting with your customers and people you know you develop relationships that lead to customer loyalty, brand recognition and profitability.


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Author: Jim Merrick