Your credibility is one of the keys to profitability. You don’t purchase products or services from people or businesses you don’t trust, and neither does anybody else. Research confirms that consumers make purchasing decisions much quicker if they trust the people and businesses they are purchasing from. In addition, polls indicates that consumers will not only purchase more products and services from people they trust, but they will pay more money for those same products and services purchased from those people and businesses.

 Promote Your Credibility and Attract New Customers

What this means is that by promoting your credibility you can not only attract new customers, but help entice your existing customers to purchase more of your products and services. New customers and more purchases from existing customers will add money to your bottom line and increase your profitability.

Promoting and managing your credibility online has never been easier or more important than it is today. The Internet has changed how people shop and interact. Online business directories that display customer reviews and personal recommendations are booming. Mobile devices and applications use these online business directories to give consumers the ability to not only search for products and services wherever they are at any time, but they also enable consumers to read and write reviews and share their personal experiences as they are happening.

Connect Your Customers

This online social phenomenon provides marketers a unique and powerful way to promote their credibility. Using simple online marketing strategies and referral marketing techniques that connect customers to online social networks that encourage reading, writing and sharing customer testimonials and personal recommendations is a great way to promote your credibility and attract new customers. More importantly, it may help you become a wealthier, happier person.

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Author: Jim Merrick