A business listing service can help you quickly turn your local business listings into a powerful marketing strategy that helps you get found online and attract more customers.      

Why? Ask yourself a simple question: Are you doing more or less research online than you did several years ago? Probably more—and so is everyone else. That’s why any effective marketing plan today must include a strong online component.

Marketing is a Numbers Game

How? It is really very simple. Marketing is a numbers game. The more people your message reaches the more customers you will likely gain. Since the Internet is the informational superhighway of today, the more places you post information about yourself and your business the more chances you have that potential customers will find the information you post.

There are Hundreds of Online Business Directories

Since there are literally hundreds of online business directories that willingly publish all sorts of information about local businesses, listing your business on as many directories as possible is one of the best ways to quickly and affordably pass information about you and your business to local consumers. It’s the primary reason why business directory listings are so important today.

While you can easily list your business on many online directories yourself for free. There are many reasons you shouldn’t.  Most importantly, time. The amount of time it would take to find, create and then post all the information that you want potential customers to have access to on each business directory would be enormous. Think about it this way; if you spent 15 minutes listing your business on each directory and you listed your business on 50 directories it would take you a total of 12.5 hours. That’s only 50 directories. There are hundreds.

In addition search engines display local business listings on search results pages. If their crawlers find discrepancies within the individual listings, or the listings have not been recently re-verified they may not consider the listing credible. As a result the listing may receive a lower search engine ranking or may not be displayed at all.

The simple solution is to use an online business listing service to list, optimize and distribute your business listing to online directories, data providers and local search platforms. Subscribers only have to list their business once, they can update the information any time and don’t have to worry about making listing errors or continuously re-verifying their listings.


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Author: Jim Merrick