The ClickFirst online business listing program can help members use online business directory listings to continuously Get Found Online and Attract New Customers.

The program works because the basic formula for marketing any business in the local community has always been:


The formula still holds true today. For that reason a subscription to the Click First business listing services provides both business listing tools and a marketing process that enables members to effectively use the tools. The tools improve the members online VISIBILITY and the process will help promote the members CREDIBILITY and VALUE. The result is that more potential customers find members online and are attracted to the members products and services by their CREDIBILITY and VALUE.


Why Local Business Directory Listings are Important

Local online business directory listings are today much more than just your business’s name, address and phone number posted online. Most online directories allow and encourage business listing owners to attach additional information about your business and the products and services you sell to that listing. In addition many online directories also permit third parties to attach a personal review of your business and/or the products and services you provide. These attributes make online business directory listings very dynamic and useful as a local marketing tool.

Click First Servicess LLC offers people the opportunity to subscribe to our business listing services through  Annual subscriptions provide members specific tools and services that enable them to use business listings to continuously get found online and attract new customers.