Unique Local Online Marketing


Unique online marketing doesn’t have anything to do with altering the physical marketing process, what it has everything to do with is identifying and communicating the unique value proposition you are offering customers. There may be dozens of people offering the same products and services that you offer in your local area, but there is only one you. The result is a unique opportunity to use your individuality to separate yourself from the crowd, regardless of what products you sell or service you provide.

Differentiate Yourself from the Competition

There could literally be hundreds of ways you could define what differentiates your brand from the competition, but the reality is that unless you definitively distinguish yourself in the eyes of the consumer, there may be nothing that differentiates you from the competition.

So how do you effectively differential yourself from the competition? Our society routinely defines the best local businesses as the ones that are able to consistently generate long term profits. This makes sense when you understand that the goal of any business is to generate profits. So what are those businesses doing that enables them to repeatedly generate profits? Answer: They repeatedly satisfy their customers, consciously building a reputation that promotes a level of trust that keeps their customers coming back. That’s what makes them unique, they are trusted by their customers and their customers identify them as one of the best local businesses to purchase whatever product or service they sell.

Connect With Your Customers

Research confirms that consumers will spend more money purchasing products and services from people they trust. In fact, if you and your company can connect with your customers on a personal level and develop that level of trust, they will not only purchase more of your products and services, but they will pay more for those products and services. With this level of trust and customer satisfaction is what gives you unique online marketing opportunities as these customers will recommend you and your products to their friends and associates online. This will generate more customers for you.

When your customers refer others to you and your business this becomes the most cost effective and powerful way to virally grow your business and increase your profits. This unique online marketing opportunity can help generate customer referrals and is a great way to market your businesses without a sales force and very little advertising cost or marketing budget. The key is to ensure that your customers trust you and that they know you will do your best to ensure they are satisfied. Once you have established that you are somebody they can trust they are yours to lose. A satisfied, trusting customer becomes a very powerful sales representative who will help establish your reputation, build your brand recognition and establish you as one of the best local businesses.

It’s All About Satisfaction

There is no one single or simple formula that measures customer satisfaction, trust or ensures that every one of your customers will be completely satisfied and become your next star salesman. One thing remains fairly constant, when your customer feels they have received great value for their money, they are generally very satisfied. Trust and reputation have value that can translate into unique online marketing in the form of reviews, recommendations and social connections. How much value is dependent on many factors and in fact may never be the same for any two customers. For this reason your attention to customer service and satisfaction is critical to developing a trust that adds value for each customer and helps form the foundation for developing relationships, establishing a positive reputation that builds brand recognition, customer loyalty and profitability.


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Author: Jim Merrick