Business listing services have become more important to helping people and businesses get found online in recent years. It used to be that the major Internet search engines solely relied on their website crawling spiders to scan websites for information about local businesses. Not anymore. To improve the accuracy, comprehensiveness and quality of search results all the major search engines created secondary local search platforms. These platforms include Google Maps, Yahoo Local and Bing Local and were created specifically to collect information about local businesses. In addition all three major search engines turned to third party data providers to help collect and verify data about local businesses.


The Importance of Local Search Platforms

The need to create these local search platforms was very clear to the search engine proprietors. As more and more people searched online for products and services they had to have a way too quickly and accurately display results on search results pages. Today more than 3 billion searches are conducted by people looking online for products and services in their community. As a result it is essential that the information available online about your business is accurate, up-to-date and listed with third party data providers. Business listing services will save you time and energy by correctly and accurately distributing your listing to hundreds of third party data providers and local search platforms all over the Internet.


Enhance Your Directory Listing

Just as important as actually distributing your listing to local search platforms is to look for a listing services that allows you to include enhanced information about your business. An enhanced listing includes keywords that describe you, the products you sell and services you provide and will help motivate consumers to contact you.


Save Time and Money

Using a services as a way to manage and your online business listing and provide you a single online location to update your business listing information is a convenient way to help ensure your online visibility and “findability” is as good as it can be. Using a service will also save you countless hours of trying to upload the information yourself on the each individual platform and ensure your  business listing is distributed correctly and uniformly to most of the local search platforms.


Click First Services provides business listing services and will enable you to create a landing page with unique features that links all your online assets. Using this service not only can help you create a landing page and get your business listed on potentially hundreds of online business directories, but the service provides a complete local marketing program that will enable you to use your landing page and business directory listings to get found online, attract new customers and make more money.

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Author: Jim Merrick