Why shop smart? Life is short. You deserve the opportunity to make it as good as it can be. In our society if you shop smart, you save money, are more satisfied with your purchases and generally realize an improved quality of life.

It starts with purchasing products and services from people and businesses that offer great value and satisfy their customers.

Smart Shoppers Think Before They Spend

We live in what most people would describe as a free market capitalistic world. Most purchases are made independently and privately by consumers from retailers without giving the purchase a second thought. The reality is that a little knowledge can transform most of us from average, vulnerable consumers into very savvy, smart shoppers. Smart shoppers generally get more value for their money and feel more satisfied with their purchases. Ultimately they enjoy life more. Since purchasing products and services is part of our daily routine, smart shopping not only makes sense, there’s really no other alternative. If you want to truly be in control of your financial future and honestly want to live a more satisfying life, you have to think before you spend your hard earned money.

While this concept may seem fundamental and a bit of overkill to some, many of us make far too many assumptions when spending our own money. At the very least you should consider these reasons to think before spending your hard earned money.

Don’t be a Fraud Victim

Fraud and deception are everywhere. Nobody wants to be a victim of fraud. Despite the fact that media reports and consumer alerts attempt to keep us all informed about the scams and schemes unscrupulous people use to steal our money, it happens to large numbers of people every day. In fact, consumer fraud is an ever increasing problem and threat we all face and ultimately pay for every day.

Knowledge is power. This statement has never been more relevant than it is today. We live in a world with an abundance of information, experience and knowledge at our fingertips. As a result we have the ability to search for and find information quickly and easily. Since a knowledgeable consumer is not only the best defense against fraud and deception, but the best way to ensure satisfaction with the products and services we purchase, there really isn’t any excuse for not researching before we purchase.

Saved Money Grows Quickly

Saving a little money every month goes a long way. Think about this: the long term average personal savings rate in the United States is about 8.3%. According the US Census Bureau the average household income in the United States is approximately $54,000. If the average household saves 8.3% of their income annually, that equals $4,482 per year. The rest, $49,518 is spent. If smart shopping can save you even $50 a month that you then put into savings, the long term financial benefits are significant. Putting $50 month into an investment account making an average of 8% annually will grow to more than $75,000 in 30 years.

Saving money isn’t the only reason to shop smart. Buyer’s remorse can be painful and frustrating.  Chances are you’ve purchased something that you later realized was foolish. Since we are all human, it’s impossible not to make mistakes, however, avoidable costly mistakes are more frustrating than most. Have you ever purchased a product or service that didn’t work like you anticipated or do what you thought it would? After the fact discovery is not only frustrating, but often expensive. You’re much better off knowing what to expect and what you want to accomplish before you purchase. Ask questions, read labels, try it first.

Shopping can actually be addictive. Research indicates that impulse purchasing after shopping actually releases the chemical dopamine in the human brain. Dopamine is associated with not only our ability to experience pleasure, but learning behaviors and repeating them. Consciously shopping smart can help you avoid impulse purchasing while you’re experiencing a “shoppers high.” Shoppers high can directly influence and may affect your decision making process that may cause you to make a purchase(s) you later regret.

Most importantly, satisfied people are happier. If you take the time to shop smart and spend your money wisely, chances are that this practice can help you be a happier person. While there are certainly personality traits inherited in people that genetically dispose them to specific, happy characteristics. Happy people tend to have certain traits that can be learned. One of them is gratitude. Gratitude is a byproduct of satisfaction. When you actively try to shop smarter with specific goals and objectives, you will generally be more satisfied with your purchases and ultimately a happier, more thankful and wealthier person.

If your not sure how to become a smarter shopper, click here or see our consumer checklist before making a large purchase.


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Author: Jim Merrick